ceCE Marking

As of July 1st 2013 all glass products intended for use in buildings and construction works in Europe are subject to the Construction Products Regulations and must be CE marked.  Furthermore, supporting technical information must be made available by manufacturers in the form of Declarations of Performance.

Our Declarations of Performance are available here.


Manufacturing_1Toughened Glass

We produce toughened float glass, sometimes referred to as tempered glass, to EN 12150 / BS 6206A on our 1500 x 3000mm Efco toughening furnace.  We process thicknesses from 3 – 10mm.

Toughened glass is primarily a safety glass.  Should it be broken, it breaks into small granular fragments which are less likely to cause injury than the jagged shards created when normal, annealed, glass breaks.   Toughened glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass, and is more resistant to physical and thermal stresses.



Manufacturing_2Safety Film Backing

We produce safety film backed mirror and lacquered glass to BSEN 12600 2(B)2 / BS 6206 B standard.  Safety film backed product can be supplied in stock or finished component sizes.

Our standard clear film is a 60 micron biaxially oriented polypropylene backing tape, coated with special acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.  Other backing tapes are available should you require.

Safety film backed product reduces the chance of injury by holding the shards of glass in place should it be broken.



Silvered Float

We produce mirrors to EN1036 on our Klopper silvering conveyor.    Standard thicknesses are 2 – 6mm, with a wide range of stock sizes available, please see Silvered Float Glass section of our web site.